The Evolution of the Family Quotient

Janua presents an idea of the Forum of Families; a rule for families and young people in the public interest. A round-table conference between Associations and Institutions to study all the possible applications of the family quotient.

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The future of young people

Janua invites the President of the Chamber of Deputies. The subject of the Think Tank is a challenge for Institutions, Families and Associations. Young people’s dreams, problems and efforts seen and told through their eyes and those working with them. Ideas and practical solutions are proposed.

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Video of the J! event broadcast by PRIMOCANALE and SKY with the presence of the President of the Chamber of Deputies:





The absence of Liguria at the EXPO of Shanghai


Janua openly denounces the absence of Regione Liguria at the 2010 Shanghai Expo in China and opens the debate on the need for a greater internationalization of the region.

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Italian Multiple Sclerosis Society


Janua publicly supports the AISM, Italian Multiple Sclerosis Society, in fund raising to back research.

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What kind of Italy awaits us?


Janua meets the economist Eugenio Benetazzo who, considering the emerging economies, European problems and financial dangers, speaks on possible scenarios about the economic future of both Genoa and the nation. A public interview to speak about economy in a simple and direct way.

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Genoa and Social Work, thinking about the future


This Think Tank deals with the world of State Assistance. The debate concentrates on the needs of politics and the problems of the operators and volunteers of State Assistance both in a city and a nation characterized by the increasing number of elderly and by the decreasing participation of young people. Practical ideas and shared solutions to allow Institutions to intervene in the best possible way.

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Janua is the official sponsor of the geopolitical magazine “Atlas” at the conference “Pirates of Aden: the importance of law is a tale”. The first informal evening among members to follow.

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An impossible Constitution?


Janua introduces itself to press and public for the first time. A meeting on our Constitution to think about its possible changes and the positive effects that may result. A transversal and multigenerational starting point to have a debate on a nation that is increasingly in need of innovation and pragmatism.

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