The role of voluntary work


Janua has as a guest the President of the Chamber of Deputies on the occasion of the European year of voluntary services that promote the Active Citizenship. A five-point Think Tank is proposed in order to promote the Participatory Democracy and the ideas of society.

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Republic of Bangladesh: International Cooperation Agreement

Janua has signed a Friendship and International Cooperation Agreement with the ambassador of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in Italy Mr. Masud Bin Monen at the Honorary Consulate of Genoa. The initiative aims to promote the ideas and cultural exchanges between Janua and the People’s Republic of Bangladesh along with the Embassy of Rome and the Consular offices. The internationalization of Janua begins.


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Flood of Genoa: Fund raising

Janua, from November 4th to 26th, starts a fund-raising campaign by resorting to press and social networks for the victims of the flood of Genoa.

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Press "mentelocale.it" (PDF - 250 Kb)
Press "Città di Genova" (PDF - 230 Kb)
Press raccolta fondi (JPG - 500 Kb) Ricevuta € 1.500,00 a favore Alluvionati per progetto Secolo XIX (PDF - 47 Kb)
Comunication (PDF - 101 Kb)





EXPO 2015: Genoa and Milan together for Innovation


Janua, after the missed opportunity (Shangai: a missed opportunity) points out an opportunity not to be missed for our country and organizes an evening (with the special participation of Giuseppe Sala - Commissioner of EXPO 2015) to create a network, make agreements and actively cooperate by promoting the best and most innovative projects.

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P.A. Pink Cross

Janua becomes an official sponsor of the P. A. Pink Cross of Genoa. The J! logo appears on six new ambulances that serve the community.

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