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Genova - Giano - Janus - Janua - J

The name Genova traces its origins to some physical features of the place (geneu/ginocchio or genu/bocca le parti anatomiche le lascio in italiano), but according to legend the name “Genova” derives from Giano, the Roman god, because, like the two-faced Giano, Genova has two faces: one facing the sea, the other facing the surrounding mountains.




So, in the Middle Ages, the city was called with the Latin name of Ianua, derived directly from Janus, that is Giano.

The peculiarity of the logo is that the letter J of Janus suggests exactly the morphology of the Ligurian soil, “the gulf”.

J! beco mes like an exclamation, a slang for a youthful association that thinks and realizes its ideas quickly.




Our goal is to involve the society to express its opinion through our organization; a free “stage” where ideas, projects and creative proposals can be presented.

We want to promote meetings among people with different formative experiences that can generate complementarity and dialogue.

We want to foster the confrontation among academic, political, entrepreneurial, institutional, journalistic and economic personalities to favour a stimulating debate, in order not only to help them find a solution for problems but also to support those who wish to realize an idea.



Janua has been created in Genoa on June 26th 2009 on the initiative of Luca Marchesi, the present chairman, who created a Think Tank organization in order to transform his passion into an “organized activity”.
The preliminary draft of the project was conceived along with Valerio Ruggiero with whom the first ideas were outlined and the starting documents were arranged.
The project was shared, improved and greeted eagerly by Federico Boccardo, Luca Bovone, Andrea Cambieri, Simone Cambieri, Serena Canuti, Francesco Carbognin, Walter Costa, Giovanni De Martini, Andrea Daglio, Alessandro Donà, Gianluca Donato, Davide Emone, Giovanni Floris, Andrea Grasso, Luigi Masnata, Andrea Sarchi,Paolo Tozzini and Renato Vito: 21 founding members that signed the constitutive act and started J!
Janua was inaugurated on November 30th 2009 at the Bentley hotel of Genoa with its first public event entitled “An Impossible Constitution?” that aroused curiosity both in the audience and in the city press.
During its first years of activity J! has organized lots of meetings with local personalities concerning different topical themes, by promoting cross propositions in the public interest.


Beginning from the end of 2010, the Board of Governors decided to arrange local events to meet national prominent personalities.
In some Janua’s public meetings (that have been held in the most prestigious locations of the city and have attracted the attention of the national press) there’s been the involvement not only of the President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, but also of the Commissioner of Expo 2015, as well as some Italian and foreign diplomats, economists, journalists, entrepreneurs and managers.
In January 2011 J! instituted the Science Committee, a consulting organization made up of pros and academics that help Janua operate with greater efficacy and authority.
Later, in order to internationalize the organization, the members of Janua decided not only to sponsor and attend international events but also to create new partnership.
On October 12th 2013, the Board of Directors approves the establishment of an Head Office; the acitivities of Janua are organized in Think Tank, Networking and Project-Up in order to both give partners and audience more tools to propose new ideas and practical projects.




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